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This is a Gun Free Home site.

There are 1200 children killed every day by guns and we want to remove guns from the hands of all Americans.

We are making signs available to eveyone that wish to make their home a gun free zone.

 We give Rosie O'Donald credit for the slogan, we use. "anyone that has a gun, should be in prison" We do realize that there are those that do need body guards who will need to be armed, so they would be excluded. But for the most part, the regular citizen, who is not important, will not need to be armed.  


We all need to work to get the guns away from the people.


If you wish to help save the lives of over 12000 children a day, who are the victims of gun violence in America. You can write a check, for as much as you can spare, to the Central Admistration for Safer Homes Just make the check out C.A.S.H. which is the acronym for our name.

Don't put it off!   


Everyone should have one of these signs, in front of their home.

Let everyone know that you support the gun free home

We can all work together and put signs up at our homes and our place of business and we can put  bumper stickers on all of our vehicles.

We need to let the world know that we are GUN FREE! 

Don't be afraid to say that you are gun free, the more signs that are seen, the more the world will know that there are some of us out here, that Know guns kill people. It is not people, It's guns, that kill. They should be outlawed in our lifetime.


We are here to inform the American public about the dangers of guns, in the hands of the masses

The constitution provides for the government to be armed, not the people.

The government can not have control over the people, as long as they are allowed to have guns, of their own.

A good example is Nazi Germany, after the guns were removed from the masses, then they were able to control the people in a greater way.

This should be a lesson to us all, guns are bad in the hands of the average citizens.

There are exceptions, the crimal should be allowed to posses a firearm, because it is the tool of his trade and no one should be deprived of his or her livelyhood.   The Unions should provide protection for the rights of these workers.

There are also the bodyguards of the imporant people, such as actors, etc.  like Rosie O'Donnel, that need guns in their protect those who are so important in our society, and contribute so much in the way of political guidence to our political leaders.

The police should have guns, in certain situations, but should be restricted from using them on minorities or lawbrakers, who are trying to acomplish a civic duty, such as burning SUVs or throwing paint on people wearing the furs of animals, etc.

GUN FREE bumper sticker
Put a bumper sticker on your car to let the world know thwt you are gun free.
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